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Centipede Wheel Offset Hub

  • 10" x 3" Centipede Wheel - Offset Hub
  • May be used on Hand Trucks because of offset hub
  • New microcellular polyurethane foam wheel
  • Provides lightweight and cushioned ride without maintenance
  • Will not go flat and doesn?t require air
  • 2 piece nylon Hub assembly
  • Precision Ball Bearings provide Maximum performance
  • Great for carrying sensitive materials requiring a cushioned ride
  • Black non-marking tread can be used in various applications and terains.
  • Common uses: lawn, garden, electronic equipment carts, wagons, compressors, generators
  • Not suitable for towed or powered applications
Offset Hub (recessed on one side) hub length 2.442"
Brg I.D.
Color (Tread/Hub)
Standard Ball Bearings
Precision Ball Bearings
1/2 Black / Yellow P-W10-OH-C-1/2 P-W10-OH-C-PB-1/2
Gray / Gray P-W10-OH-CG-1/2 P-W10-OH-CG-PB-1/2
Black / Gray P-W10-OH-CKG-1/2 P-W10-OH-CKG-PB-1/2
5/8 Black / Yellow P-W10-OH-C-5/8 P-W10-OH-C-PB-5/8
Gray / Gray P-W10-OH-CG-5/8 P-W10-OH-CG-PB-5/8
Black / Gray P-W10-OH-CKG-5/8 P-W10-OH-CKG-PB-5/8
3/4 Black / Yellow P-W10-OH-C-3/4 P-W10-OH-C-PB-3/4
Gray / Gray P-W10-OH-CG-3/4 P-W10-OH-CG-PB-3/4
Black / Gray P-W10-OH-CKG-3/4 P-W10-OH-CKG-PB-3/4
Centipede Wheel Offset Hub
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